Workout Etiquette

  • Posted by BodySTARR LLC
  • at 7:58 PM -
Ok, so I was in the gym and it was a bit crowded. There was a piece of equipment I want to use, and yes I mean really use it. Anyway, a young woman was sitting on this particular piece of equipment. She completed one set of about 5 reps, sat for almost 5 minutes and played with her smartphone. She then proceeded to again, knock out 4 reps of the lightest weights, and then spend the rest of the time on her phone. Thank goodness another piece of equipment came free, but this speaks of a bigger problem I see in the gym. Now I understand folks want to listen to their music, Tweet, Instagram, etc.. I have no problem with that, in fact I listen to my music sometimes and perhaps tweet something. Sitting on equipment and doing so is just plain rude. Peak hours is the worst, why do you insist on hogging equipment when you know someone is waiting? Why can't you use it, and allow someone else to use it while you use your phone? And yes, even during non peak hours, get off of the equipment and move aside. Has something happened to simple gym etiquette that I missed? I understand if you have children or a sick indivdual you must check in on, BUT for those who are just stuck on your phone, perhaps your really should concentrate on your workout more, Ive seen you waste more time on Facebook than your routine. Not trying to be mean, but be mindful of others who want to get it in. Whew, got that off my chest. Feel free to add your comments, be respectful please.