So, where have we been??

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Hey Everyone. Ok let me cut to the chase;

I know it has been a while since I've posted updates and information about BodySTARR. No, we aren't out of business. Fitness and Wellness is my passion, a passion I've had since I've been a child. I've always wanted to know how people could achieve and keep optimal health and be well. My guinea pig is myself. I've trained myself and others (I love had wonderful clients), taught MANY fitness classes (have quite a few certifications). I've done meal plans, made herbal teas and tinctures, you name it. 

Over the years of back to back teaching, training, etc., I've noticed changes in the industry and myself. With the advent of social media, everyone is an expert. Heck, I'm a Fitness and Wellness Expert. And as a expert, I can spot burn out a mile away, although there are times I'm in denial about it for myself. Well, this time and year, I knew I have to change my direction. I was questioning if I still wanted to continue on the industry, is it worth my time, my energy, my life? I've been dealing with a few minor health challenges the past few years. I've also have taught a few places that have not panned out, but I take those as lessons. Over the years, I've taught many classes, subbed tons of classes, so much so that when summers and vacation time have come along, it was so difficult to try and sub out classes....not that no one wanted to sub, folks are vacationing too. So as 2019, and another birthday having passed, I pulled back and re-evaluated, and RESTED!! What I've been preaching about Self Care over the years, I haven't always practiced myself. I've prayed for clarity in my businesses and personal life, and got my answers. I've opened my eyes and years, and shut down the ego. I'm still teaching classes...Im still teaching one regular class, on Thursdays at 5:45pm. The rest of time, I'm getting back to ME, and I'm available to sub classes for my wonderful colleagues when needed. I'm taking Me time, traveling, waking up a bit later, and refocusing my energy into my businesses. 

So, going into the latter part of 2019, expect to see changes in the company. I look forward to seeing old friends and clients and making new ones. September 2019 will be the game changer, stay tuned!!